Light is running wild within you

„You have this way of seeing the light in others. You have this way of noticing what is beautiful and unique about those around you. And I just hope you know, the same light you see within others is shining within you too.


You have this way of holding up a mirror to others and making sure they feel seen, and that is a very valuable thing. But sometimes, that can make you feel a little less seen yourself… a little less valuable, and less important than everyone else.


So in case no one has told you lately, it’s okay to turn that mirror around and see you for you, too.


And know that no matter who does or does not notice you, light is running wild within you. It shows up in your laughter. Your stories. Your honesty. Your presence.


And I am sorry for all the times no one has taken the time to let you know this, in the same way that you have done this for so many others.


I just wanted to remind you this is true:

the same light you see in others is shining within you, too.“

(Morgan Harper Nichols)

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